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Undoubtedly the most salient way to tell a story, a form of profound expression, and a virtual representation of any piece or art will be remembered, long after you have forgotten everything.

The cool kid in town — for good reason. Leveraging the human visual system to deliver information in a compelling way, making it an incredibly effective way to tell you any story and achieve more with evolving technologies.

The goal is to make every experience people have with your business meaningful. Our process elicits recognition and understanding in those who see it — two key dimensions of any company’s overall success.

A critical element in staying connected with your audience. We know no boundaries when it comes to social media and an effective strategy for content optimization and ensuring return on marketing investment.

Your brand has its own way of seeing and contemplating the world. Its digital showcase should echo this. Beyond the simple information that the support carries, we think of it as a vector of emotion and heritage, in substance as much as in form.

Defining the right colors, shapes, patterns, icons or visuals to offer your users an optimal experience is one of our ultimate missions, as is enhancing the content present on your site by bringing that creative touch that will make your interface more impactful and efficient.

We combine creative expertise with commercial awareness to build products that grow businesses including fast-moving consumer goods, household appliances, mobility, healthcare, banking, high-tech and Hospitality.

Validate your product idea by making a real, working model and make it easier for investors and customers to understand your vision by showing them something real and tangible.

We understand that a properly executed event can be leveraged to support an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty.

Craft, Code and

Founded in 2011 Xeal, Inc. has become an ingenious design consultancy company curated with the sole purpose of making digital designs and marketing facile and effortlessly smooth, committed to the highest quality production standards, a broad expertise, and a genuine strive to help our clients have secured and authentic strategic cooperation with market-leading companies in any sector and region.

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Our Process

We create award-winning websites, remarkable brands and cutting-edge products.


We take pride in leveraging your data to gain insights on how to map business objectives, recognize opportunities, and create a data ecosystem that fuels informed decision making and brand growth.


Our principle is a cynosure of everything we do. We merge design, advertising technology and user-centered experiences that drive emotional storytelling and actionable brand engagement.


In short, we want your technology framework to be just as strong as your brand signature. We do this by ensuring our agency integration is motivated throughout every project, product and experience.

Your Future's Bright,
Your Future's Augmented

The beauty of Augmented Reality is that it can happen anytime, anywhere. An AR app allows you to interact with the real world in entirely new ways – which means that your next immersive brand experience could be right around the corner.

Our Works

Selected Creative Projects

Feedback from our clients.

"Xeal have found a perfect visual expression of our brand’s unique personality. The strategic approach to the brand design system works consistently online and off line. Our global clients identify our brand as the right solution to their architectural and design projects."

- Shruti Gupta, Director of Peacock Design Firm

"We demanded the best for Apex Health. We sought a digital partner that was youthful, edgy, and innovative, yet trustworthy and highly professional. We considered companies from across the board, and with Xeal designs, we found the very best digital partner in our own backyard."

- Desmone Taleb, Founder of Apex Health

"The team at Xeal was an invaluable resource to us as the project developed, working far more broadly across the business than we had expected a PR agency to. Whilst the press coverage achieved to date has been excellent, their support through the development process has been vital to the launch of our new product"

- David Curtis, Cheif Editor at Stand11


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